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Professional Upholstery Cleansing Services in South London

Sofa Cleanic can provide you with the best upholstery cleaning in South London

Is it often that you spill your afternoon tea on the cushions of tour sofa? Or your little child is often eating the chocolate cake on the couch? Don’t need to worry about anymore – Sofa Cleanic South London is here to assist you and make sure this won’t happen again!

Top quality cleaning and protection provided by Sofa Cleanic South London

Our local family company is at your service since 2006. We provide our South London clients with the greatest service there is on the most reasonable prices! Our mobile cleaning teams can deal with even the worst stains on the most delicate fabrics of all! Not only this – we can make sure that no other spot will occur – with our Scotchgard protector you will have dirt-free upholstery for at least 6 months! Call our 24/7 costumer center and we will give you our best deal of the day!

Upholstery Cleaning in South London

Lounge Suites and other divan-beds receive a lot of concern specially in a house with pets or children. Although stains and dirt are ineluctable in the living areas , they don't have to be permanent. Upholstered furniture cleaned the Sofa Cleanic way will look and smell good as brand new.
Sofa Cleanic uses the carbonation process to pull the dirt to the top of your fabric furniture where it is sucked up by our powerful cleaning systems.

The secret to Sofa Cleanic's healthier, more efficient upholstery steam cleaning is the thousands of tiny effervescent cleaning bubbles in our cleaner.

The fuzz solutions saturate deep into the base of the upholstery, literally blowing up dirt and grime off of the fibre's surface. Then, we use hot water extraction method to take the filthy particles to the surface where they are easily cleaned.
Sofa Cleanic methods are non-toxic and properly speaking they help your fabrics be as clean as if they were new.

Please note: There is a minimum charge of £50 (50 Pounds) per visit. You can combine services such as rugs and upholstery, carpet and area rugs, carpets and curtains, rugs and hard floors, carpets and mattresses cleaning to add up or to exceed the minimum amount to get your money worth.

In addition, parking fee and traffic congestion charges may apply.


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